The Mesomorphic morphological type in detail

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The Mesomorphic morphological type in detail

The mesomorphic type is energetic in nature and easily builds muscle mass. It is the ideal physique for bodybuilding : he eats a lot without gaining fat, he absorbs a large workout and he can modulate your weight easily.

If you constantly pay attention to what you eat and this does not prevent you from gaining weight or if, conversely, you constantly eat without gaining a gram, it is probably not by chance. Scientific research continues to show that our morphology is based on our genetic heritage.

We speak rather of a genetic predisposition for such and such a morphology and not of “a fatality”. With proper training and nutrition, you can all have an athletic body. To present the different morphologies, we will use the classification of Sheldon which is the best known for the human body. The three main morphological types are therefore the mesomorph (the one who is the most muscular), the endomorph (the one who has the fattest body) and the ectomorph (it is the thinnest of the 3).

We very rarely meet these three morphologies in absolute form, but rather through various combinations. It is recognized in physical culture (bodybuilding) that the bodies respond differently to the mode of nutrition and physical training. Therefore, it is important to identify your morphology in order to adapt your diet and your training according to your needs.

Are you Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a combination of the 3 ...

What is a Mesomorph?

Benefits of oral steroidsMesomorph: individual with a larger frame and more developed musculature. It is the traditional morphological type of the athlete. The mesomorph is the physique of the bodybuilder par excellence, it has all the cumulative advantages of the two other types of morphologies, without the disadvantages.

Physical characteristics

  • Naturally muscular and stronger than average
  • Square face
  • Wide shoulders
  • “V” bust
  • Long limbs
  • Strong bones and joints (thick wrists and ankles)
  • Facilities to gain weight or lose weight
  • Not very flexible


Energetic, the Mesomorph tends to prefer physical activities and finds it difficult to deal with inactivity. Their attention is focused on an opening to the world which is easy and sought after for them. Introspection is difficult for them and attracts them much less. Mesomorphs are generally successful in the physical world of sensations. They want to measure themselves against obstacles and so they rely on their physical strength and their will. Their battles: loss of youth, aging, physical weakening.


Mesomorphs have great abilities to gain mass and have a good disposition to “build muscle”. They can eat without limit yourself to the calorie level because they are not very inclined to gain fat. They also have great facilities for drying. Thanks to a modulated diet, they can achieve all the goals.


Balanced diet avoiding regular excesses to limit adipose mass.

Appropriate training

Mesomorphs can do all types of workouts and build muscle easily. They can easily practice strength sports to develop their body but also easily reduce their fat levels by practicing endurance sports.

Our advice "Mesomorphs"

Morphology that can handle a large volume workout heavy to gain muscle mass quickly. A minimal effort will still allow progress (opposite of the Ectomorph). Its strong joints allow it to lift heavy without major risk of injury. - Can eat anything, however limiting carbohydrates so as not to gain too much fat; - Must work his joint and muscle flexibility.

The mesomorph has an ideal physique for mass gain. Individual of muscular nature and stronger than ectomorphs. He has a fairly thick and square frame, which allows him to quickly gain an imposing musculature and great physical strength.

Halfway between the ectomorph and theendomorphic, he can shape his weight (gain or lose) as he pleases. He will therefore be able to chain easily weight gain and dried for get a powerful bodybuilder physique.

In addition, thanks to these solid joints and its large frame:

  • It can withstand heavy loads
  • It can support large training frequency
  • His arms and thighs are already bigger than normal (due in part to his thicker bones)
  • Every pound of muscle gained will make him look even bigger and even wider-shouldered!

    “Individual who has the greatest ability to become very massive and very impressive with good strength training”

Our advices

For mesomorphs, we advise you to do cures according to the final desired goal. Do not cut short your course.

Duration of steroid treatment (classic)

  • Minimum: 8 weeks
  • Maximum: 12 weeks


To put the odds on your side, we advise you to make programs like below:

  • 8 week treatment for mass gain.
  • Cure of 10 weeks for dry or lean mass gain.
  • Cure of 12 weeks for a dry.

Rest assured, a steroid cure with all the protections: Nolvadex, Proviron, liver protection (Légalon 70 or Samarin 140) and finally Clomid (relaunch), you can do your cure over 12 weeks with your eyes closed, without fear, worry free ... you are protected at 100% ...

You can use all kinds of products in the range of steroids (example: Primobolan, Winstrol, Parabolan, Mastéron, Sustanon, Dianabol… etc.), growth hormone and peptides.

An endomorph can record a gain in quality between 5 to 15 kilos thanks to an anabolic treatment.

The success factors are:

  • training quality
  • training frequency
  • diet (avoid sauces, favor white meats, etc.)
  • taking food supplements (creatine, protein, bcaa, etc.)
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco...

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