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The Proviron is one of the oldest anabolic androgenic steroids on the market. It is an oral product. Many do not consider it an anabolic steroid since its anabolic activity is really very low.

Rather, it is used as a supplement to anabolic steroid cycles to reduce the effects of estrogen (anti-feminization). It is also used to improve physical appearance.

Benefits of Proviron:

Proviron decreases the ability of estrogen receptors found in muscles to bind to estrogen. This lowers the amount of active estrogen during a cycle. In addition, Proviron also binds to the aromatase enzyme, thus blocking the binding of testosterone. This then decreases the amount of estrogen produced. These effects result in the reduction of water build-up in the body, thus making the muscles appear harder and more striated.

This product stimulates androgens while having little or no effect on gonadotropins. Proviron, therefore, is a very practical product to counter male infertility and also to treat impotence.

Proviron dosage:

 The standard dosage of Proviron is 50-75 mg per day. But when it comes to performance, the recommended dose is between 50 and 150 mg per day.

Stack Proviron :

During a cutting phase, it will be most beneficial to combine it with steroids like Anavar, Masteron, Winstrol and Primobolan.

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