Purchase of Masteron Injectable

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Among anabolic steroids, Masteron is an undisputed champion in the field of lean mass gain and cutting. Masteron is an injectable steroid whose active ingredient is Drostanolone. One of the biggest advantages of Drostanolone is that it does not convert to estrogen.

The effects and benefits of Masteron:

Its widely used among bodybuilders, because it helps to preserve muscle mass and strength during the cutting phase. It is also very popular with runners and athletes who want to stay in a weight class, but at the same time want to increase their performance. It is popular with bodybuilders because it does not cause water retention. Injectable Masteron is highly sought after by athletes who want to increase the density and hardness of their muscle. Experiments have shown that a Masteron cycle can reduce body fat in the range of 5 to 7 %. It also increases physical performance while maintaining weight and reducing body fat.

For optimal effect, it is advisable to take 400 to 500 mg of Masteron per week (3 times per week).

Due to its high affinity with the androgen receptor and its androgenic properties, it is recommended to be combined with steroids such as Winstrol or Oxandrolone. Winstrol is less active in the interaction with androgen receptors and decreases the concentration of globulin, so the combination will express a synergistic effect during the "drying phase".

For mass gain, it is recommended to combine Masteron with Testosterone Propionate. Masteron also works great with Trenbolone or Boldenone.

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