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Along with Nolvadex, Clomid is one of two SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) used to regulate testosterone production after an anabolic steroid cycle.

The benefits of Clomid:

Clomid will directly act on the hypothalamus to stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone. It is therefore used as a recovery product during the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). It should be taken at the end of the cycle.

Dosage of Clomid:

When to start taking Clomid depends on the type and cycle of steroids you have used. Note that you must wait until the effects of the anabolic steroids have ended to start your PCT. In other words, it is crucial to wait for androgen levels to drop before doing your Clomid therapy.

For a moderate cycle, take the following doses:

  • Day 1 - 100 mg
  • After 10 days - 60 mg
  • After 10 days - 40 mg

Clomid Stack:

For a more effective PCT, many users prefer to combine Clomid and Nolvadex:

  • Day 1 to 21: Clomid 50 mg + Nolvadex 20 mg per day.

Clomid and / or Nolvadex are more effective than HCG as a recovery, but some users prefer to use HCG for a long cycle in order to prepare the testicle for the Clomid and / or Nolvadex treatment.

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