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Payment with RIA

RIA is a world leader in international transfer service. We chose RIA because the payments are fast and confidential.

Along with Western Union and Πg, RIA is one of the most well-known money transfer operators.

  • Transfer times are quick as long as you choose the cash transfer.
  • Positive user reviews refer to “efficient and practical” transfers.
  • Ria is a secure operator that guarantees you a refund if there is a problem with the transfer.


After placing your order, you have a beneficiary to pay for your order.

Please use the payment information available on the order confirmation page.

If you wish to access this payment information again after confirming your order, please visit MY ACCOUNT and click on "Checkout". Please re-validate your order and you will once again have access to the last valid payment information.

  • European beneficiary valid for a period of 5 days from the order on the site.
  • Single-use beneficiary: do not reuse the same beneficiary after having already paid an order with it.
  • If you are paying with € (Euro), please request that the beneficiary also receive €.
  • If you are paying with $ (Dollar), please request that the beneficiary also receive € $.
  • If you are paying in a currency other than $ or €, then please request that the beneficiary receive in $.
  • Be careful not to make a lower transfer at 50 € (60$) (minimum accepted).

Option 1: Payment at RIA branch

Go to one of the many RIA agencies, provided with your identity document. At the counter, remove a form, fill it out and hand it over to an agent in Ria along with your ID plus the amount of the transfer (+ fees).

You will then receive a receipt with the transfer number, which you must communicate to the recipient so that he can then go to withdraw the money.

You also have the option of sending funds to a bank account. For this, inquire at a RIA agency.

Option 2: Online (Only from the USA)

Here is the procedure to follow on https://www.riamoneytransfer.com/us/en

  1. Click on Send Money.
  2. Select the country to which you want to transfer,
  3. Indicate the amount you wish to send
  4. Select the payment method (debit card, credit card, or via their bank account)

Then use the price simulator to calculate the exchange rate and the price according to the payment method, to determine the total cost of the transaction.

2 - Send us the RIA payment confirmation

So that we can withdraw your payment and validate your order, you must send us the RIA reference code that was given to you. This step is important and mandatory.

For quick validation of your payment and timely dispatch of your order, please send us the exact details of your transaction. Any error will cause processing delays.

    My name* :
    My name* :
    My country* :
    My email* :
    My order number *:
    Exact amount sent (without transfer fees) *:
    Method of payment used:
    Bitcoin, Paybis, ZeBitcoin, Indacoin ...Western UnionMoneyGramRIAZelleBank transfer

    Western-Union Recipient's first name *:
    Western-Union beneficiary's last name *:
    Western-Union MTCN Code *:
    Moneygram Recipient's first name *:
    Moneygram beneficiary's last name *:
    Moneygram Reference Number *:
    RIA First name of beneficiary *:
    RIA beneficiary's last name *:
    Pin code* :
    Zelle Reference Number *:
    Issuing bank*:
    Reference number*:
    Please attach a photo of the proof of payment:

    3 - Validation and shipping of your order

    Once payment has been received, we ship your order within 72 hours and provide you with the codes to follow the smooth progress of the shipment of your merchandise.

    If you have the slightest question, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to answer all your requests within 24 hours.

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