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In recent years, Growth Hormone (HGH) has experienced a peak in popularity in various sports disciplines, especially in bodybuilding and fitness.

Benefits of growth hormone:

  • A supply of HGH in the body will allow it to get many benefits. First, HGH will promote cell repair. Thus, the body will have new and efficient cells.
  • A low level of growth hormone does not allow protein synthesis, which in the long term results in loss of muscle mass. Taking HGH will promote cell renewal and thus maintain muscle mass.
  • Growth hormone also stimulates lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat for energy. Thus, taking HGH will decrease fatty masses replacing it with with muscle mass.
  • In addition, HGH will cause the skin to tighten, ideal for those wishing to reduce the effects of aging.

Dosage and Administration:

The effects and benefits of HGH will begin to appear from the second week of injection, but significant effects will be visible from the second month.

The duration of use of growth hormone is three to six months.

For Bodybuilding, the suggested daily dose is at least 4ui in two injections for a mass gain effect.

HGH Stack:

For a mass gain, HGH combines with testosterone, Dianabol or Turinabol. While for leanness, it can be taken with Winstrol or Anavar

Here are some concrete examples of HGH stack:

  • HGH and Testosterone: This is the best stack when it comes to building muscle mass and strength.
  • HGH and Nandrolone: Growth hormone will protect the joints and reduce recovery time.
  • HGH and Dianabol: Dianabol will increase muscle growth, but also boost strength gain.

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