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The Anavar allows a progressive mass gain, without side effects. It is therefore also the best tolerated anabolic steroid by women.

With 2getmass, discover the specifics of the Anavar:

Anavar is hepatotoxic, but to lesser degrees compared to other oral steroids. Plus, it doesn't aromatize, which means you don't experience any risk of gynecomastia or water retention. And for women, no virilization problem has yet been revealed.

Even in very large doses, Anavar provides a gentle increase in muscle mass.

What are the benefits of Anavar?

  • Increase in strength
  • Conservation and formation of lean tissue
  • Increased recovery rate
  • Hardening of muscles

Dosage and stack of Anavar:

The recommended dosage for Anavar is between 25 and 50 mg for men and 5 to 20 mg for women.

Like any oral steroid, Anavar produces better results when combined with at least one injectable. The Anavar / Testosterone combination works perfectly to obtain high quality muscles. For the Anavar / Testosterone cycle, it is recommended to do a PCT in order to restart the natural production of testosterone.

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