Pay by Bitcoin with your Credit Card



Pay your order with your Credit Card instantly! It's as easy as buying a train ticket online.





This system is anonymous, 100% secure and very simple: you buy Bitcoin (BTC) on ZeBitcoin with your credit card, you directly give our Bitcoin address, and we receive the payment a few minutes later.

  • ZeBitcoin allows you to pay for your order by bank card in an anonymous and 100% secure manner.
  • Your credit card payment is instantly converted into Bitcoin currency which is automatically sent to us at the Bitcoin address below. This address is unique to your order.
  • This makes your transaction completely anonymous and validates your order very quickly upon receipt of payment.
  • The transaction will appear on your account statement without any trace of or steroids.
  • This is the fastest and easiest payment method we recommend at 200%.
  • Cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard.
  • The purchase limits are € 1,500 per day and € 10,000 per month for all payment methods on
  • When you make your first payment, the bank must verify your identity. Then your payment will only take a few seconds.
  • Bonus: you are also free to buy BTC on ZeBitcoin by SEPA transfer instead of your bank card, but the transaction will generally take longer (the time of the bank transfer).

    1. Meeting on , Create your account and check it out by clicking in the email that the site has just sent you. Click on the “verify your account” link contained in this email. You will then find yourself in a “verification space” - this will allow Zebitcoin to verify your identity before placing an order. You will need to provide a copy of your ID (CNI or passport), and you will need to take a selfie with this same ID.
      Note on identity verification: This process is only to fight against fraud and credit card theft. The nature of the products never appears in the transaction because your money is converted into Bitcoin before being sent to us on an address unique to your order.
    2. Place your order on the site by choosing “Credit card or Transfer via ZeBitcoin

      On the order confirmation page, copy the UNIQUE Bitcoin address ON EVERY ORDER (please do not reuse this address for another order):
  1. Order your Bitcoins on Zebitcoin(NEVER mention or anabolic steroids): go to and in "1 - Enter your bitcoin address” paste the Bitcoin address we just gave you on the order confirmation page. If this is your first order, your identity must first be validated. You will have to wait between 10 minutes and 12 hours before your order can be fulfilled.
    But if you have already ordered on the site, delivery will be made instantly - as soon as you have sent your payment.However, it will take up to two hours for it to be taken into account by the Bitcoin blockchain.
  2. Once the Bitcoin is transferred to our address, we validate your order within 24 working hours (excluding weekends).

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