Training program for beginners

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Training program for beginners

In order to guide you when you start bodybuilding, has prepared a training program for you. Follow this program, stick to it once you get to the gym and you'll be amazed at the results on your body. Be patient, the bodybuilding is a sport that takes time to kick in. Do not miss any session (except injury or illness). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact us


Weeks 1 to 4

  • Back Vertical draw 2x 12-15
  • (lumbar) Bench extension 2x 12-15
  • Shoulders Side elevation with 2x 12-15 dumbbells
  • Pecs Machine developed 2x 12-15
  • Standing bicep curl with bar 2x 12-15
  • Triceps Extension pulley with rope 2x 12-15
  • Abs Floor Bust Raise 2x 12-20
  • Leg Press 2x 12-15
  • (ichios) Leg curl lying 2x 12-15
  • Calves Standing flexions 2x 12-15
  • 15 minute cardio at light intensity (60-70% HR max)

From the 5th week, you separate the upper and lower body during the same session. You will continue to train no more than every other day. You will learn new, more complex exercises and continue to perfect your technique. You will continually change the exercises and the order in which you work your muscles for both your upper and lower body sessions.

Beginners training program (weeks 5 to 12)


  • Back Rowing machine 3x 10-12
  • Front vertical draft 3x 10-12
  • Alternate Bicep Curl with 2x 10-12 dumbbells
  • Shoulders Seated press with bar 3x 10-12
  • Pectorals Incline press with 3x 10-12 dumbbells
  • Triceps Extension Lying Z Bar 2x 10-12

Tuesday Rest


  • Squat thighs with bar 3x 10-15
  • Standing leg curl 3x 10-12
  • Calves Standing flexions 3x 10-15
  • Abs Crunch 3x 15-20
  • Lumbar Extensions Bench 3x 12-15
  • Cardio 15-20 minutes at light intensity

Thursday Rest


  • Pectorals Bench press with bar 3x 10-12
  • Shoulders Side elevation with 3x 10-12 dumbbells
  • Back Rowing Bust Bent Over 3x 10-12
  • Vertical pull behind the neck 3x 10-12
  • Bicep Curl at the desk of one arm with dumbbell 2 * 2 10-12
  • Triceps Vertical Extension with Dumbbells 2 * 2 10-12

Saturday Rest

Sunday Rest

Monday Cycle restart

From the 13th week, you can start training in a more specific way. You can start to separate the different muscle groups in sessions (to do only 2-3 per session) and train them more deeply by doing several exercises for each. You will be able to load gradually and do shorter sets (6 to 10 reps), train 2 days for 1 day of rest and increase the intensity of your sessions (we have said the intensity, not the duration!). Your training will now become that of an intermediate level and you will learn to manage them according to your goals and your own recovery capacities.

You can increase the number of sets a little if you want, but don't exceed 5 sets.

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  • Anderson Reply

    Great program, but I think most beginners make the mistake of not wanting to get stronger. Indeed we must think about becoming stronger if we want to become more massive. It's inevitable, you can't ignore it. But most people don't do an intense, progressive workout, and then they wonder if they don't get results. The equation is however very simple. With intense training, your body adapts and becomes stronger and therefore needs to be stressed harder to continue adapting.

    October 26, 2016 at 10:18 am
    • Reply

      Hello Anderson,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your review.
      We hope to see you back on order very soon.


      May 14, 2021 at 4:05 pm
  • Axell73 Reply

    Great, again a very useful article which I think is quite difficult for a real beginner

    September 19, 2016 at 5:45 pm
    • Reply

      Hello Axell73,

      I invite you to get in touch with our sports coach if you have any difficulty:

      May 14, 2021 at 4:03 pm

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