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Boldenone develops a modest mass but of good density, with low water retention. It therefore makes it possible to obtain a shapely and durably acquired musculature.

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Laboratory: Bioteq Labs
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Boldenone 300, 10ml vial: 300mg / ml

  • Laboratory: BioTeq Labs
  • Form: Injection
  • Ingredients: Boldenone Undecylenate
  • Concentration: 300mg / ml
  • Presentation : 10ml bottle
  • Dosage: Between 300 and 750mg per week.
  • Type: Mass gain / endurance cycle
  • Protection during the cycle : Anti-estrogen: Take 0.5mg of Arimidex in ED (every day) or take 1mg of Arimidex in EOD (every 2 days) as a precaution.
  • Pct post cycle therapy: Nolvadex and Clomid during the recovery: 1 of each per day for 20 days.
  • Level: All Users

The positive points of Boldenone

  1. Very anabolic
  2. Moderately androgenic
  3. Slower, but much higher qualitative gains (unlike the testo)
  4. Weak aromatization effect, (Muscle atrophy at the end of a cycle)
  5. Low water retention
  6. Dramatic increase in appetite

The negatives of Boldenone

  1. Very minimal effects since it is a weakly androgenic steroid

2getmass.to advice

  • Very suitable for a first cycle.
  • Respect the recommended injection doses.
  • Make the injections in different places (buttocks or shoulders).
  • If you are using boldenone with injectable testosterone or parabolan you can mix the products together in the same syringe to make only one injection.

Boldenone Information

Boldenone undecylenate is an injectable veterinary steroid whose effects are quite anabolic and low androgenic. Boldenone is one of those steroids that are highly regarded for their quality anabolic properties compared to generally very low side effects. On the other hand, it is not a product like oxymetholone, for example, from which one can expect spectacular mass gain and strength. Boldenone develops a modest mass but of good density, with low water retention. It therefore allowsobtain a shapely and durably acquired musculature. However, bodybuilders get the most out of Boldenone by combining it with other more androgenic steroids because when used on its own, the amount of muscle mass gained is often insufficient. In combination, it provides other androgens with a decrease in overall water retention and thus improves the quality of the muscle produced, while reducing the risk of side effects since its contribution makes it possible to reduce the dose of other more powerful androgens.

Boldenone can have side effects like all anabolics at high doses, but at normal doses these effects are very minimal. As it is a weakly androgenic steroid, we only see in cases of excessive doses the classic phenomena: virilization, hyperpilosity, aggressiveness etc. Boldenone is a product widely used during the preparation of competitions because it aromatizes (muscle wasting at the end of a cycle) very little in estrogen despite the intensity of these anabolic effects. It therefore rarely causes gynecomastia.

Boldenone is in fact a fairly popular product in the bodybuilding world, especially in combination, because it provides satisfactory gains in mass as in strength for a rather minimal risk taking.

For gaining mass, Boldenone is exceptional with Oxymetholone, Dianabol or an injectable testosterone like Sustanon 250. Boldenone tremendously improves muscle hardness and density combined with Halotestin or Winstrol Stanazolol.

Usual doses of Boldenone range from 200 to 600 mg per week, with injections being given every 2 days. Injecting a large volume can cause problems; If large injections are given too often in the same part of the body, there is a risk of an oily abscess. Such an abscess often goes away on its own, but sometimes it becomes necessary to have drainage done. This is why athletes take the precaution of swapping the injection sites.


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