SunPharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company which has over half a century of experience in the health sector and generic drugs. During this period, the company won a significant number of accolades and awards. In the first half of 2018 alone, Sun Pharma has been awarded twice: the Outstanding Contribution in CSR (from the Federation of Industries of Gujarat) and SR Practices (The Economic Times).

At Sun Pharma, the patient is at the heart of the strategy. The aim of the company is to succeed in offering the world's population the best medicine at the lowest cost. The company acts in various fields of medicine such as cardiology, psychiatry, neurology and diabetology. Sun Pharma's flagship products are:

  • The Cabgolin : a dopamine agonist. Some athletes adopt Cabgolin to get an adrenaline rush during a sporting event. The excess of dopamine can indeed improve motor skills. It is also used during a course of steroids to stop the increase in the levels of prolactin in the body.
  • The Menodac HMG : a compound similar to HCG, used to restore testosterone levels after taking steroids.

The success of this Indian company is based on its ability to offer a wide range of quality products at extremely affordable prices.

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