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The main goal of GW 501516 or Cardarine is to increase your muscle growth and strength. It is also known to burn fat faster. So, if you've recently started going to the gym, you're definitely going to start hearing about it.

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Benefits of Cardarine:

Improved insulin sensitivity:

Cardarine activates PPARδ which will lead to the combustion of fatty acids. This, in turn, leads to an improvement in the insulin sensitivity of the liver, muscles and fatty tissue.

Reduction of inflammation in skeletal muscles:

The use of Cardarine reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The reduced local inflammatory response generated will control tissue damage and restore tetanus muscle contraction.

Improved running endurance:

Cardarine has been shown to improve running endurance by increasing serum galactose and β-hydroxybutyrate when given to mice.

Good effect on blood vessels:

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels. Cardarine elevates nitric oxide and protects blood vessels. Cardarine is also known to reduce oxidative damage that occurs in blood vessels.

 The recommended dosage of cardarine: 

 After performing dosage trials, the correct dose of Cardarine to take is 10 mg to 20 mg per day, for approximately 8 weeks. However, good results can be seen within 5 weeks. Start with a 10 mg dose for a few weeks and eventually double the dose.

Some athletes have used up to 30 mg per day, but the maximum dose is recommended to be 20 mg, as human trials of this compound are limited.





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