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Stanozolol provides quality muscle growth with surprising strength growth, without water retention and with significant fat loss. Its anabolic properties might even be comparable to Dianabol, but Winstrol has the advantage of not having water retention.

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Laboratory: Bioteq Labs
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Stanozolol (Winstrol) - BioTeq Labs - Box of 100 tabs: 10mg / tab

  • Laboratory: BioTeq Labs
  • Form: Oral
  • Ingredients: Stanozolol
  • Concentration: 10 mg / tab
  • Presentation : Box of 100 tabs
  • Dosage: Between 20 mg and 80 mg / day
  • Type: Firmness / Dryness / Weight Loss Stabilization Cycle
  • Protection during the cycle : Take a hepato-protector (Samarin) between 2 and 4 tabs per day
  • Pct post cycle therapy: Optional relaunch
  • Level: All Users

The positive points of Stanozolol

  1. The mass acquired is of good quality and durable
  2. Significantly reduces water and fat retention
  3. Very low side effects
  4. No risk of gynecomastia advice

  • We recommend that you combine this product with injectable testosterone and primobolan if you want to cycle dry. (very drawn and dry).
  • For a lean mass gain: we recommend winstrol with parabolan or dianabol.
  • Winstrol does not mix with any injectable product. It should be administered alone.

Information about Stanozolol

Winstrol is made up of stanozolol. It is an anabolic steroid available by mouth or injection. We will focus in this article on the injectable route.

Stanozolol is a moderate, low androgenic anabolic steroid. This means that it produces fairly average muscle mass and strength gains. However, the mass acquired thanks to Winstrol has the advantage of being of good quality and lasting because this gain is not due to water retention, as is the case for many anabolics. Winstrol is used by bodybuilders primarily in drying cycles as it drastically reduces water and fat retention. However, as it is a fairly moderate product, it is often used in a mix with stronger anabolics which compensate for its lack of anabolic properties and guarantee greater mass gain.

As Winstrol is a low androgenic product, its side effects are very low. The usual virilization effects occur only rarely. Winstrol does not aromatize into estrogen, which excludes the risk of gynecomastia. The injectable form is almost always preferred. It is certainly less pleasant to administer, but it is in no way toxic and produces much better results than taking it as a pill.

The usual dose of Winstrol is 100 to 300 mg per week in injections. The injections take place at least 2-3 times a week. Some go up to one injection per day or every 2 days.


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1 review for Winstrol 10mg 100tabs – BioTeq Labs

  1. 4 out of 5

    Greg -

    Great stuff here! I lost an important amount of fat, and gain muscle, just as I wanted.

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