Everything about the Ectomorphic morphological type

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Everything about the Ectomorphic morphological type

The ectomorphic type is nervous in nature, very active, and eats a lot without gaining weight. It is more suitable for endurance sports than bodybuilding. For him the dry will be easy and his aesthetic body if he succeeds in gain muscle.

If you constantly pay attention to what you eat and this does not prevent you from gaining weight or if, conversely, you constantly eat without gaining a gram, it is probably not by chance. Scientific research continues to show that our morphology is based on our genetic heritage.

We speak rather of a genetic predisposition for such and such a morphology and not of “a fatality”. With proper training and nutrition, you can all have an athletic body. To present the different morphologies, we will use the classification of Sheldon which is the best known for the human body. The three main morphological types are therefore the mesomorph (the one who is the most muscular), the endomorph (the one who has the fattest body) and the ectomorph (it is the thinnest of the 3).

We very rarely meet these three morphologies in absolute form, but rather through various combinations. It is recognized in physical culture (bodybuilding) that the bodies respond differently to the mode of nutrition and physical training. Therefore, it is important to identify your morphology in order to adapt your diet and your training according to your needs.

Are you Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a combination of all 3?

What is an Ectomorph?

The ectomorph: corresponds to a great development of the nervous system and the brain (ectoderm) and to a tendency to be thin, slender, with little muscle mass. It is correlated with the so-called Cerebrotonic temperament.

Physical characteristics

  • Narrow shoulders and pelvis
  • Rectangular trunk
  • Triangular face
  • Long limbs
  • Thin or very thin frame (very thin wrists and ankles)
  • Low muscle mass
  • Fragile joints


Ectomorphs are nervous, active, tense and sensitive individuals. They can easily become over-stimulated by contact with people and need to withdraw (seeking intimacy). On the other hand, they can handle a significant amount of mental stimulation, more than any other type because they can block out their physical impulses. However, they can be overloaded and have difficulty calming their nervous system. This overload is manifested by problems of sleep, digestion or assimilation.


Ectomorphs, with a very fast metabolism (do not gain weight), must and can eat a lot because they are able to store fat mass. Calorie intake is essential. The fat content is extremely low. Ability to burn a lot of calories, even at rest.


  • High calorie rations (high basal metabolism).
  • Focus on slow sugars: promotes the rise and storage of glycogen.
  • Increase protein rations (2g / kg of body weight).
  • Increase lipid intake, especially for endurance sports (Butter in the morning - vitamin A-, oil, fatty fish, cashew nuts or pecans, etc.).

Appropriate training

Ectomorphs perform very well in endurance sports (cycling, running) thanks to their slender look and low fat content. Conversely, they will be penalized more in strength sports for these same reasons. The major difficulty is weight gain. In order to flesh out their body, they will have to work hard in bodybuilding and prefer basic exercises and workouts short (short and intense type Strength - Maximum) from 45 min to 1 hour maximum.

=> Attention: the Ectomorphic morphology is troublesome for certain exercises (long limbs). It is therefore necessary to be careful not to have too much amplitude on the movements such as bench press, squat, military press ...

In summary

In order to counter this lean nature and gain mass, weight training is an effective alternative.

  • Promote a short training session, with basic exercises.
  • Eat a lot to gain weight, even if it means multiplying the meals. Force yourself to eat if necessary.

The ectomorph starts with 2 major handicaps for bodybuilding: difficulty gaining weight, fine bone structure which makes the massive appearance difficult.

Nevertheless, it has a few advantages:

  • The dried (fat loss) will be very easy (Natural morphology).
  • Due to the delicacy of its skeleton, each additional kilo of muscle will be seen automatically and will give an appearance muscular / athletic and aesthetic, without looking “big beef”.

The ectomorph therefore has little chance of becoming a big bodybuilder, but he will be able to obtain a lean, muscular and very aesthetic physique.

Our advices

For ectomorphs, we recommend that you take long term cures. Do not cut short your course.

Duration of steroid treatment (classic):

  • Minimum: 8 weeks
  • Maximum: 12 weeks

To put the odds on your side, we recommend programs of 10 to 12 weeks.

  • Minimum: 10 weeks
  • Maximum: 12 weeks

Rest assured, a steroid cure with all the protections: Nolvadex, Proviron, liver protection (Légalon 70 or Samarin 140) and finally Clomid (relaunch), you can do your cure over 12 weeks with your eyes closed, without fear, worry free ... you are protected at 100% ...

You can use all kinds of products from the range of steroids, growth hormone and peptides.

An ectomorph can register a gain of 5 to 10 kilos thanks to an anabolic treatment.

The success factors are:

  • training quality
  • training frequency
  • diet (avoid sauces, favor white meats, etc.)
  • taking food supplements (creatine, protein, bcaa, etc.)
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco...

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