Endomorphic? Find here all the details of this morphological type

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Endomorphic? Find here all the details of this morphological type

The endomorphic type is calm in nature and tends to gain fat easily. This allows him to produce a lot of muscle mass but must watch his diet if he does not want to ruin his physique by too much fat.

Like the ectomorph, the endomorph is not the most advantageous physique for bodybuilding. While the ectomorph is too skinny, the endomorph is too big. These are the two extremes of Sheldon's morphological types.

It is recognized in physical culture (bodybuilding) that the bodies respond differently to the mode of nutrition and physical training. Therefore, it is important to identify your body type in order toadapt your diet and your training according to your needs. Are you Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph or a combination of all 3?

What is an Endomorph?

Endomorphic? Find here all the details of this morphological type ...Endomorphs concede a weight gain easily because they have a slow metabolism. They can, however, like the mesomorph, gain very easily into muscle. One commonly meets in bodybuilders, people affected by obesity during their adolescence, their natural morphology offering them excellent results.

Physical characteristics

  • Narrow, drooping shoulders
  • Round face
  • Short limbs
  • Paste aspect
  • Thin frame and narrow body
  • Ease of gaining fat


Quite calm in nature.


With a tendency to gain fat and the belly very easily, the endomorph must watch your diet. It has a good capacity to produce mass (muscle or fat), which means that it assimilates and uses all the food it ingests very well. Food intake should therefore be monitored, because too large dietary differences will quickly result in an increase in the rate of fat.

Gaining muscle mass is an asset for bodybuilding. He will however face a handicap, the difficulty of drying and losing excess fat, his physique being able to be “marred” by an excessive layer of fat.


  • Focus on quality
  • Decrease carbohydrates (at least 150 grams / day)
  • Increase protein (1.77 g / kilo body weight).
  • Decrease lipid intake (0.8 g / kilogram body weight).

Appropriate training

Endomorphs have a physique very muscular and very massive. Caused by their slow metabolism, endomorphs must practice a large training volume to increase their calorie expenditure. They should in priority work on their endurance which will limit future cardiovascular problems.

  • Long series and high training volume to increase calorie expenditure
  • Can train strength without any problem, but must do cardio-type training at the same time to avoid fat gain
  • Must watch his diet well so as not to gain fat. He will therefore have to eat little (opposite of ectomorph).

Our "Endomorphic" advice


The endomorph body type is not considered ideal for bodybuilding.

Like the ectomorph, the endomorph does not have the most advantageous physique for bodybuilding. While the ectomorph is too skinny, the endomorph is too fat.

To overcome this, endomorphs must add primarily aerobic exercises to optimize fat loss.

Here are some tips for endomorphic morphotypes:

1 - Exercises

  • Regularly mix up your bodybuilding exercises and their order to prevent your body from stagnating
  • While training your muscle groups, add both core exercises as well as isolation exercises.

2 - Sets and Repetitions

  • You can do sets of 12 for large muscle groups and around 8-10 for smaller ones.
  • Some days you can vary it a bit by working heavy for muscle hypertrophy by staying longer on the high sets with reps ranging from 12 to 25
  • Avoid exercising too heavy and too often.

3 - Intensity

  • Once the warm-up is complete, go to exhaustion with your heavy series.
  • Try adding intensity to your sets. For example, partial repetitions and supersets, decreasing series or even forced repetitions are excellent techniques.
  • Perform hard workouts with short periods of rest to keep your metabolism and heart rate elevated.
  • Every 4 to 5 sessions, you can do a circuit training for the whole body to improve your physical condition.

4 - Frequency

  • Work each muscle group more than once per week depending on how sore you are. Indeed, weight training can burn calories.
  • Change programs often.

5 - Cardio

  • Cardio is certainly one of the most important aspects of your workout.
  • Do cardio every day in different forms for about 30 minutes. This will maintain your physique and limit the risk of injury.
  • By working approximately at 75% of your Heart Rate, you keep it in the area allowing you to burn fat.

* Muscle groups: determine 5 muscle areas present in the individual (Upper limbs, Lower limbs, shoulder girdle, abdominal wall, dorsal wall


** Muscle hypertrophy: aims to increase muscle size. (Syn: Muscle congestion, muscle burn).

Our advices :

For endomorphs, we advise you to make long-term cures. Do not cut short your course.

Duration of steroid treatment (classic):

  • Minimum: 8 weeks
  • Maximum: 12 weeks

ENDOMORPHIC advice: to put the odds in your favor, we recommend programs of 10 to 12 weeks

Rest assured, a course of steroids with all the protections: Nolvadex, Proviron, liver protection (Legalon 70 or the Samarin 140) and finally the Clomid (relaunch), you can do your cure over 12 weeks with your eyes closed, without fear, without worry ... you are protected at 100%

You can use all kinds of products in the steroid range (example: Primobolan, Winstrol, Parabolan, Mastéron, Sustanon, Dianabol, etc.), HGH growth hormone and Peptides.

An endomorph can record a gain in quality between 5 to 15 kilos thanks to an anabolic treatment.

The success factors are:

  • Training quality
  • Training frequency
  • Food (avoid sauces, favor white meats, etc.)
  • Taking food supplements (creatine, protein, bcaa, etc.)
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco...

Our team thanks you for reading and remains at your disposal for any further information.

The 2getmass.to team

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