Abdi Ibrahim

Abdi İbrahim is the biggest company pharmaceutical in Turkey supplying and producing medicines for the welfare of mankind. This company is one of the world's top 100 pharmaceutical companies and since 2003 has been the leader of the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey in terms of annual turnover and number of products sold.

With its team of some 3,000 qualified experts, this company operates in 8 countries outside of Turkey and exports to around 50 countries, including Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In the world of sport and bodybuilding, this laboratory is also known for its product, the T3-Cytomel. This compound is mainly used as a fat loss drug in the bodybuilding world. Thyroid hormones are actually metabolic regulators in the body. So taking a large dose of T3-Cytomel speeds up a person's overall metabolism, allowing them to burn and use enough calories.

This product from Abdi Ibrahim has already proven itself in the world of bodybuilding and many continue to use it. Most often, it is stacked with other compounds such as steroids or HGH.